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What our customers say

Alvaro (Chuiso) 


A technical service that rises up to unbelievable levels. It gives a twist to everything and extracts key information for projects that depend on specific URLs in which each small change can mean a lot.

Have a seat, make a coffee and take the time to unleash the full potential of this service focused on agencies and high-volume clients.

Juan González Villa


Numpy Data allows you to detect in a few minutes what you can do to improve the SEO of any URL, from the overview to any level of detail you want. In short, well-designed automation and algorithms that work for you. Certainly, it’s a time saver and a huge help.


Dean Romero


Numpy Data is a technological evolution when it comes to learning to rank for any type of SERP. An SEO consultant with Numpy becomes much more effective (or dangerous for the competition). After having worked with them for several keywords, I truly recommend them.

David Ayala


This tool is impressive and has a lot of potential. Using it is like having real data from your website compared to your competitors and being able to make decisions based on them.

Undoubtedly it will be another must-have of my daily work tool set.



The tool that I was needing and hadn’t imagined existed. A comprehensive graphic analysis of the situation in the SERPs of our company and a clear conclusion for the improvement process.

All this, along with a complete analysis of our position compared to our direct competition.


Alberto Fernández


All SEOs manage to make better decisions and recommendations, if they’ve got the adequate data. Extracting useful comparative information from your competition is a job that used to take hours, and now it’s a matter of minutes.

The ability to see details that are difficult to manually extract at specific moments of a project to plan the strategy… that’s when I see its great potential. And you can focus your analysis on it.

Alvaro Rondon


There are millions of dashboards out there, and I have seen many of them failing to distinguish the type of variables, others distort the conclusions. But Numpy Data really surprised me a lot, since it perfectly knows what to use and how to use it.

For example, they use Boxplots to identify outliers, scatterplots, etc. It makes it easy for you to make decisions within your SEO strategy, all based on data and machine learning that reduces any risk of biasing.

Carlos Requena (Kiwi)


It shows you never seen data that lets you know the real situation of your project at a glance, as well as plan the next actions to take and their order of priority.

Fully recommended if you want to take your positioning to another level and make data-driven decisions.



I love automations that save my time to be more productive, and that is just what Numpy Data allows me. A very intuitive application that gives you all the data about your project and your main competitors to overtake them as Captain America would say “on the left” and without fatigue.

In five minutes, I have a weekly plan. Great!

Francisco León


Numpy data helps you optimize SEO analysis times. A task that years ago could take hours of work is now only a matter of minutes, and with the reporting service it is very easy to send the tasks to all the different departments responsible for either WPO or internal links. Being able to quickly compare and obtain information from the competition helps prioritize our efforts.

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