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In what formats will I receive the reports?

Numpy Data is an SEO, Data Wrangling and Machine Learning service designed for SEO managers, freelancers or SEO agencies. All your reports are inside your Dashboard. That is, you can download all the information and interact with it as you prefer. You can request a PDF, obtain an iframe of the report, a URL for inserting into your website (see all the available options), download one or more graphs and data sets in xls or csv formats, etc.

Can I keep the same URL every month with the updated information?

Of course. It’s your choice. However, our recommendation is that you take advantage of our service with new URLs every month, so you can optimize the most important URLs on your site. Just in case you are more interested in keeping updated information about your URL and that of the competitors, it’s up to you.

If I don't understand any report or piece of information, how could you help me?

Don’t worry. Once we give you access to your Dashboard you will easily find all the documentation, detailed explanations and videos of each section. In addition, the first month you will have the right to a video call with us in which we will explain to you step by step how to use all the information you will find in it.

Can I request a demo or a free period?

Please, get in touch with our team so we can think about this possibility. We are currently a service (soon to become software), that’s why we cannot offer free trials or demos to everyone. Our goal is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, so give us a call and we will analyze your case in detail.

How do I get your service?

Purchase the pack in our store, tell us your URL, the 3 most important keywords and the 3 main competitors. Send an email or make a phone call to provide us with this information and in the next 48-72 hours we will give you access to your Dashboard. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, your choice.

Can I change the URLs on a monthly basis?

Of course, in fact one of the main reasons Numpy Data exists is that you can have the greatest amount of information -and really useful- so that you save gathering, processing and analyzing time. For this reason, each month you can decide whether to change the URLs, focusing and using our service on those of particular complexity and importance for you or your client.

How and when do I apply the recommended changes?

The implementation and the order of actions to take is up to you or your team. However, since during the first month you will have a completely personal video conference with us, you will realize how easily you can detect the opportunities, weaknesses and strengths that your URL has. And based on this, you’ll be able to establish a priority scheme for those actions.

Can reports be customized with our logo?

Yes, of course, you just have to email us your logo and it’ll be embedded in the reports your dashboard will create, at no additional cost.  You will present them to your clients with your own brand-design.

In case I am not satisfied can I cancel the service before the contract term has expired?

Of course. You can cancel our services at any time without any explanations. We will refund the value of the pending months in half-year contracts.

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